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Simple Booking

Making a booking has never been easier. Booking a ride is now at your fingertips with ING Limousine’s Smartphone App. Our easy to use App makes booking and managing your reservations more convenient than ever. Download the free app from Google play or App Store and enjoy our elegantly designed, feature packed user friendly App.

– The ING Limousine App enables you to make an instant real time booking easier than ever before. With your next luxurious ride at your fingertips, backed with our 24 hours a day, 365 days a year customer care, you can count on an unforgettable ING Limousine experience.

Easy to Use and Transparent

Our app has all the features that you’d expect to make the booking process a breeze. You’ll notice that it gives you a feeling of control as all information is transparent, putting you in charge. You are able to manage your bookings easily and view your past and pending rides conveniently.

– The rates you are quoted are what you are charged. There are no hidden fees, no extras or additional charges. Just a few taps on your phone and be ready for your vehicle to arrive.

Feature Packed and User Friendly Design

  • Easy account set up. Setting up and managing your account is a breeze,
  • Displayed rates are live, and you know exactly how much you’ll be charged,
  • View your past rides and pending reservations,
  • Be picked up at your current location, as the App uses
  • GPS technology to locate you,
  • Easy location search – the results are displayed as you start to type.