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Questions - ING Limousine
Enroll in the ING Privilegies Program


Any questions on what ING Privilege Program is?

The ING Privilege Program is an exclusive program that allows loyal customers to enjoy exclusive services and benefits based on your personal preferences as well as earn valuable complimentary rides on your corporate and personal travel.

What is the advantage of joining?

The program is simple and customers receive special benefits based on the number of the rides. It offers the recognition and personalized services that are most meaningful to you, paving the way for an exceptional experience with every use of service. All personal details are safe. With just several small steps, the ride is set for you all over the world.

How do I enroll?

Registration for the program occurs:

  • Online at
  • There is no cost to enroll
How can I learn more about ING Privilege Program?
  • Visit or contact ING Customer Service Team at 301-545-0000 for assistance.


How do I earn credit for using ING services?
  • Once you become a member, simply provide your unique Member ID when making reseravation on or simply login into your account.
I have an existing reservation, as a new member of the ING CARD Privilege Program, can I add my account information to the reservation to earn credit?
  • Yes, you can earn credit for reservations up to two weeks prior to signing up for the ING CARD program.


As a member how can I redeem my complimentary ride?
  • Book your reservation by calling 301-545-0000 or log into member portal at to redeem you earned benefits.
How do I find out how many more rides I need for a complimentary ride?
  • You may log into to view your Activity Page and review the number of rides needed to earn a complimentary ride.
    On every ten rides you will receive one complimentary ride.
Are there blackout dates for complimentary rides?
  • No, ING Team will make standard sedans available for redemptions every day.
As a member can I transfer complimentary ride to other individual?
  • Yes, you can use your complimentary ride to treat someone else.
When can I redeem my complimentary ride?
  • Complimentary ride can be applied to following reservation after they are earned.
Do my complimentary rides expire?
  • Complimentary rides expire 12 months after they have been earned.


Where can I view and/or edit my account information online?
  • You may visit to view accounts and update profile information.
How will I receive my account summary?
  • Members can view account and profile information online by going to All rides at all ING Office Worldwide will be shown on your account summary.