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Limo Service in Belgrade

See Belgrade In All Its Glory

The capital of Serbia that has been bombed to the ground over 30 times and re-built again is now one of the hottest spots of the Balkans. Book a car on demand and enjoy this city’s glitz from the back seat of the most luxurious limousine can hire – ING Limousine.

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Airport transfers

Turn your airport limo transportation into the most pleasurable, hassle-free and comfortable experience.

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Modern Vehicles

Enjoy the royal treatment you get as a part of ING limousine fleet and customer-service.

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professional Drivers

Trust your educated, cultured, experienced drivers to handle your A to B rides with the utmost competence.

Belgrade Experience Will Be Better Than You’ve Expected

ING Limousine Belgrade provides reliable and professional car service in Belgrade, Serbia. You can choose from packages designed to meet your particular needs and include a set number of hours to suit all your business and leisure travel events. Whether you’re off to a conference, business meeting, require an airport transfer or you want a tour of the city, count on ING Limousine vehicles, staff, and experience to make sure that you arrive at your destination in style and on time. For all your transportation needs in Belgrade, sit back, relax and let the professional black car and limo chauffeurs do the driving. ING Limousine Belgrade is a premium limo car service in the vicinity and industry leader in luxury transportation. You can trust the best limo team in your area to deliver a perfect black car ride in Belgrade even when dealing with the most intricate routes and most demanding schedule.


Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, is the third largest city in South-eastern Europe. You will find that there is always something happening on the streets of this welcoming city. It is a vibrant place that lives around the clock with citizens who like to be on the move and therefore you’ll find that streets, parks, walkways, and outdoor cafe gardens are always packed with people. Irrelevant of the weather conditions or the time of the day or night, the city feels alive and one thing for sure, you’ll never feel alone in Belgrade. For all your transportation needs across the town, you can trust ING Limousine Belgrade to get you to any destination safely and in comfort.

Belgrade street

The Streets of Downtown Belgrade

The city offers copious amounts of snacks at various food stalls, pizza kiosks and a good bakery are never too far from your sight when you are exploring the streets of downtown Belgrade. There is also an abundance of high-quality restaurants that serve all possible cuisines. How to know which restaurants are the best? ING Limousine team of transportation experts are very experienced and know the city area well and will transport you to all the best spots in no time. Many of the old school restaurants that serve national dishes are located in the old bohemian quarter of Belgrade, Skadarlija. This part of the city has a history as the gathering place of the artists, writers, actors and other well-known names of Belgrade. Belgrade’s own Montmartre. It is charming and has a special vibe to it.

Other important sights to visit are the Belgrade Fortress, St. Sava Temple, Saborna Crkva, Nikola Tesla Museum, Gardos in Zemun, Royal Palace, White Court, Knez Mihailova Street and so on. Come and see them all and travel in the comfort of ING Limo’s elegant vehicles. Explore the city at your own pace and a limo driver will come and pick you up where ever you are. There are so many spots in Belgrade that you will stumble across as you explore the area, quirky streets, squares, monuments, parks, drinking fountains and many markets selling the freshest produce. The city is also famous for its nightlife, and this is another reason why it is sometimes just too hard to stay in bed and resist the inviting taverns (kafana), bars and clubs. Belgrade lies relaxed on the banks of the Danube and Sava. It is a mix of east and west, combination of old and new, open and always ready for fun. As Belgrade awaits you, just call us when you find yourself nearby and explore vast possibilities of its corners.


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