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Chauffeurs for Hire is a new service for all ING Limo’s clients. These licensed, certified, experienced and insured professionals will meet all your legitimate transportation needs, whatever they may be. Count on a top-notch limo service in the vicinity whenever you hire the nearest chauffeur with ING Limousine.

Questions and Answers

  • How does Chauffeur for Hire service work?

    The reservation process is quite easy:

    • You, the client, can call the ING Limo office, book a reservation and specify the chauffeur’s attire (casual or formal).
    • Add the chauffeur as an “occasional driver” to your insurance policy.
    • Chauffeur arrives fifteen minutes prior to the scheduled pick-up time in order to inspect the vehicle for safety.
    • You will exchange cell phone numbers with the driver in order to remain in contact during the service period.
    • Chauffeur leaves his/her vehicle at the client site and takes your, the client’s, vehicle.
    • You’ll provide the chauffeur with a schedule to adhere to and the chauffeur will drive you to all requested sites.
    • Your assigned driver remains with the vehicle until he/she is requested by phone to pick you up.
    • The chauffeur returns you to the drop-off location. At this point, the vehicle is returned to the client and the driver leaves via his own vehicle.
  • How long can I use my chauffeur’s services?
    You may use the services of the driver as long as needed but at a minimum of four hours. This four-hour block can not be split into multiple chauffeuring sessions.
  • Is the chauffeur insured?
    Yes, ING Limousine chauffeurs are insured through your car insurance as well as ING’s general insurance policy. You must have proof of comprehensive and collision insurance that meets your state’s minimum requirements. The client should call their respective insurance company to add the name of the chauffeur as an “occasional driver”.
  • What does the chauffeur wear?
    You can specify the chauffeur’s dress code, whether formal or casual, upon booking the service. The driver’s formal wear consists of a black suit, a white shirt, a black tie, and black shoes. Casual wear, on the other hand, is considered a pair of black slacks, a white polo shirt, and black shoes.
  • How do I know my privacy will be protected?
    ING Limousine’s team guarantees the protection of your privacy by requiring that all chauffeurs sign a confidentiality agreement. This means that anything a chauffeur may see or hear during his term of service, will not be discussed with anyone.
  • Can I book a long-distance trip across the country or to New York and Florida?
    Yes, ING Limo can schedule long-distance trips but please call us for a customized quote. Rather than an hourly rate, you’ll negotiate a special rate with ING’s team that will cover the driver’s time and expenses, such as hotel and plane charges.
  • Do I need to tip the chauffeur?
    Gratuities are included. However, clients are welcome to go above and beyond the standard.
  • When does the time of service start?
    The time of service begins after the chauffeur arrives and conducts a vehicle inspection. As soon as the fifteen-minute inspection ends and the client is settled in the vehicle, the time of service will begin.
  • Can the chauffeurs drive rental cars, campers, minivans, SUVs and small boxed trucks?
    Yes, ING Limousine chauffeurs can drive any vehicle you provide as long as it is properly insured and safe.
  • What happens to my car while I am at a meeting, appointment, etc?
    While you are at an appointment, the chauffeur remains with your car for the entire service period.
  • Why must my chauffeur inspect my vehicle for safety? What does this inspection include?
    The chauffeur inspects your vehicle before driving in order to ensure that the vehicle is safe for use. ING Limo’s team would like to minimize the chance of accidents or problems during the service period by ensuring that a vehicle is safe for use. The inspection includes checking the seatbelts, insurance, registration, inspection, lights, turn signals, horns, tires, and brakes. Any kind of major abnormalities in the vehicle will lead to the suspension of the service.
  • What do I do if I want to cancel my reservation?
    In order to cancel your reservation, please call us at 703-522-5500 or 301-545-0000. Cancellations are subject to a cancellation fee.


Pricing and Discounts:

Client / Product Requirement Cost / Rate
Standard 4-hr Minimum $45/hr
Military – Seniors – Disabled Valid ID / Age 62+, 4-hr Min $40/hr
Airport Transfer Clients car / ING Limo Call for quote
Package Products (Chauffeur only)
Chauffeurs for Hire VIP Card 5 Hours (5-hr increments) $40/hr ($200)
Premium Package 30 Hour allotment $42/hr (save $90)
Excel Package 50 Hour allotment $40/hr (save $250)
Corporate Package 100 + Hour allotment $35/hr (save $1000)
Driver on call standard 100 Hour allotment Call for quote
Driver on call VIP 150 Hour allotment Call for quote


  • Fees are assessed at approximately 15-min. increments after 4 hr. The minimum requirement is met.
  • Any authorized personnel may extend package hours in any vehicle.

ING Limousine price list cannot address every situation, so please contact us to discuss your specific circumstances.
ING Limousine accepts all Competitors Discounts/Coupons.
Please contact us if you would like information about Chauffeur for Hire service.

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We know how important it is to provide a high-quality service and we're proud that our clients always leave satisfied.


Had a wonderful experience with this limo service! Merzon, the driver was wonderful and so helpful as it was a last minute booking and they were on time and got me to the airport with plenty of time to spare. I highly recommend them!

Five Stars Review

Stephanie R.


ING was fantastic to work with in providing us with some last-minute day-of wedding transportation for our first look photos. We rented their Citadel Stretch Limo and it was beautiful. They are very responsive via email and willing to work with us to accommodate our scheduling. Our driver was friendly and went above and beyond to congratulate us on our wedding. Prices were also very reasonable!

Five Stars Review

Zachary R.