Washington, D.C. Wine Tours

Washington, D.C., a capital city steeped in history and culture, offers many experiences beyond its marble monuments and political prowess. Beyond the corridors of power lies an opulent world of refined pleasures, one of which is the burgeoning wine culture. The region’s unique soil and climate conditions serve as a rich canvas, elevating the concept of a Wine Tour in Washington, D.C., to experiential luxury. Allow ING Chauffeured Transportation to guide you through this artisanal journey. This curated experience will take you through some of the most enchanting vineyards near the capital.

A Symphony of Flavors: Washington, D.C.’s Most Celebrated Wineries

At the heart of any remarkable Washington, D.C. Wine Tour lies a curated selection of distinguished vineyards, each echoing its unique melody of flavors, scents, and experiences. The wine country surrounding the nation’s capital is nothing short of a complex tapestry, with each winery acting as an intricate thread in a broader, magnificent design. Here’s how we elevate your Wine Tour in Washington, D.C., to something far beyond the ordinary.

Tarara Winery, Leesburg, Virginia: Our chauffeurs will first steer you through the verdant landscapes to the tranquil banks of the Potomac River, where Tarara Winery greets you with open arms. Established in 1989, the winery is a sanctuary where the complex tones of its Single Vineyard Series can be savored. These wines are carefully crafted to reflect the uniqueness of each vineyard’s soil and climate, capturing a sense of place in every bottle. Our Luxury Sedans are ideally suited to escort you to this serene setting, offering amenities like leather interiors and individual climate control to ensure you arrive comfortably.

Breaux Vineyards, Purcellville, Virginia: A sprawling oasis that is nothing short of palatial, Breaux Vineyards leaves an indelible mark on its visitors. The 404 acres of vineyards host 17 different grape varieties, making it a wine lover’s Eden. Your arrival in our sumptuous limousines, complete with private cabin partitions, sets the tone for an experience that seeks to be nothing less than extraordinary. The vineyard often hosts jazz festivals, adding another layer of indulgence to your visit.

Stone Tower Winery, Leesburg, Virginia: Atop the magnificent slopes of Hogback Mountain, Stone Tower Winery offers wine and panoramic vistas that feel borrowed from a landscape painting. Our Luxury Sprinter Vans are your ideal carriage to this hilltop sanctuary, boasting features like 12 Volt power sources to keep your devices charged as you capture picture-perfect memories. Here, the family’s passion for sustainable farming shines through every bottle, whether their Wild Boar Doe or the Estate Chardonnay.

Boxwood Estate Winery, Middleburg, Virginia: A relatively young vineyard, Boxwood Estate is a testament to modern winemaking techniques infused with traditional Bordeaux methods. The estate’s renowned red wines can be best enjoyed in their state-of-the-art tasting room, with its modern architecture offering a striking contrast to the classic vintages. If your party is a larger gathering, our Mini Buses with complimentary bars and fiber optic lighting provide the ideal transport, ensuring you soak in every moment of your visit.

RdV Vineyards, Delaplane, Virginia: A visit to RdV is akin to a journey into the beating heart of American viticulture. Limited production and a focus on Bordeaux-style blends make this vineyard a haven for the discerning oenophile. Descend from our Motor Coaches, each boasting a fully-uniformed chauffeur, and get ready to delve into a labyrinth of flavors, where each sip reveals something new.

Black Ankle Vineyards: Situated in Mount Airy, Maryland, Black Ankle Vineyards is a testament to sustainable viticulture and high-quality winemaking. Known for their Bordeaux-style red blends and varietals, a visit here transcends the mere act of wine tasting. As our luxury sedans or SUVs pull into the vineyard, you’re greeted by a landscape of rolling hills and lush vines—creating a picturesque backdrop for your sensory journey.

Boordy Vineyards: Another gem in Maryland, Boordy Vineyards in Hydes is one of the oldest wineries in the state. Encompassed by an aura of history and tradition, the vineyard offers various wines, including their well-regarded Maryland Cabernet Franc. Step out of our well-appointed Limousine or Sprinter van and instantly feel this remarkable vineyard’s blend of past and present energies.

Sugarloaf Mountain Vineyard: Located in Dickerson, Maryland, this vineyard offers a unique blend of scenic beauty and intricate craftsmanship in their wines. The vineyard specializes in Bordeaux-style wines, marrying old-world traditions with the fertile Maryland soil. Let our fully-uniformed chauffeurs guide you to this unique destination in the comfort of our state-of-the-art fleet, where you can indulge in an artisanal experience.

Catoctin Breeze Vineyard: Situated in Thurmont, Maryland, this vineyard stands out for its award-winning wines and idyllic surroundings. Known for its Meads and Syrahs, Catoctin Breeze offers an intimate and sophisticated wine-tasting experience. Your journey in one of our plush Motor Coaches or Luxury Sedans ensures you arrive in style, setting the tone for a memorable visit. Our chauffeurs, well-versed in the area’s attractions, will ensure you have a seamless and enjoyable trip.

Each of these wineries brings unique flavor and charm to the wine scene around Washington, D.C., offering something for every wine enthusiast. Whether you are a seasoned connoisseur or a curious newcomer, our luxurious, tailor-made transportation solutions will elevate your Wine Tour in Washington, D.C., to a truly exceptional experience.

The Essence of Comfort and Style: Our Fleet

ING Chauffeured Transportation is not just a service but an institution of excellence in the world of luxurious transport. Our fleet caters to diverse group sizes and preferences, and each vehicle is specifically chosen to enhance your wine tour. Suppose you’re a small group eager for a more intimate experience. In that case, our Luxury Sedans provide an elegant sanctuary with individual climate control, a new rear-seat entertainment system, and Wi-Fi.

For those with larger entourages, our Motor Coaches offer the space you desire without compromising on sophistication. Each seat is a passport to comfort, accompanied by features like complimentary bars, fiber optic lighting, and mirrored ceilings. Every vehicle is helmed by a fully-uniformed chauffeur, skilled in the art of weaving through Washington, D.C.’s diverse terrains.

Elevate Your Journey with ING Chauffeured Transportation

Our chauffeured wine tours are the crescendo in the orchestra of life’s greatest pleasures. We invite you to partake in this singular experience, an indulgent and educational odyssey. With ING Chauffeured Transportation, you’re not just booking a ride but claiming a seat in a moving masterpiece of comfort and style, poised to elevate your wine tour into a trip of unparalleled luxury.

Moreover, our company offers worldwide services, ensuring that your experience with us can extend beyond the vineyards of Washington, D.C. Our premium transportation services are available in the following locations: New York, Chicago, San Francisco, London, Paris, Belgrade, Los Angeles, and Miami. Allow us to make your journey a memory worth treasuring. Click here to begin your sophisticated, curated Washington D.C. Wine Tour experience today.


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Washington, D.C. Wine Tours

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Willowcroft Farm Vineyards
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Zephaniah Farm Vineyard
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