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Limo Service in New York

New York Limousine Thrills

For reliable and comfortable “New York limousine rental near my location”, put your trust in the team of transportation experts here at ING Limousine. New York City streets have been ING Limo’s playground for many years now, with a continuously high record of customer satisfaction. Regardless of the type of event or your schedule, this limo company will never lack the experience and capacity to transport you in style and comfort, no matter where in the world you are. When it comes to Europe, if you find yourself in Paris, Belgrade or needing limo rides London, you’re covered! The same goes for Chicago, Miami, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Washington DC in the USA. ING Limousine caters to corporate events, special occasions as well as getting you from New York point A to Point B in complete luxury and safety.

airport transfer
Airport transfers

Turn your “airport limo ride near me” into the most pleasurable, hassle-free and comfortable transfer experience.

modern vehicles
Modern Vehicles

Enjoy the royal black car service rental nearby with cars from the ING limousine fleet at amazing rates.

professional drivers
professional Drivers

Trust your educated and cultured drivers to handle your A to B or per hour luxury rides near your location with the utmost competence.

What Are the Most Interesting Facts about New York?

New York City is one of the most amazing cities in the world. The great metropolis of New York City is the nerve center of the nation. It is a leader in manufacturing, foreign trade, commerce and banking, book and magazine publishing, and theatrical production. A leading seaport, its John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) is one of the busiest airports in the world. The printing and publishing industry is the city’s largest manufacturing employer, and it’s home to the New York Stock Exchange, the largest in the world. Millions of visitors come to NYC for the culture, numerous attractions, world-class cuisine, and exciting nightlife. The Big Apple is the most populated city in the US and a major influence around the world in commerce, finance, media, culture, art, fashion, and entertainment. ING Limousine offers one of the best options for local car service near NY in one of the most luxurious cities in the world.

New York

Why Do I Want to Book the Nearest Livery Service in NYC?

Because you want a limo company that has raised the bar and set new standards in the limousine industry to take care of your transfers and the unique NY experience with you, right?

Trust us with your New York limousine transport close to you, with complete comfort and total professionalism. Point to point limo services NYC and hourly car rides in the area are both affordable as well as comfortable thanks to ING Limousine’s experts.

– ING Limo’s vehicles are maintained to a very high standard and always kept spotless for your comfort

– ING Limousine team’s sole purpose is providing the best NYC town car service in the vicinity you’ll ever experience, and said convenience is just a phone call away

– Don’t forget all the elegant and comfortable SUVs, vans, minibusses, and motor coaches which are made to impress you and leave you satisfied

– ING Limousine has the best chauffeurs that will always take you to your destination efficiently and safely

How Much Does a Limo Service per Hour near New York Cost?

The prices can vary depending on the number of passengers, type of vehicle rented and the amount of hour booked. To get a more precise estimate, consult the ING Limo booking widget or download the mobile app. Rest assured though, that with us, you’ll get the best rate there is for a fantastic limo car ride near the local airport or anywhere in the world. More so, if you take advantage of these special offers or enroll in ING Limousine Reward Program. Hire us to make the most out of any luxurious transfer to your desired destination!


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